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Laser Sight Pro's archive of press releases announcing new laser sights and gun accessories along with articles reviewing lasers and tactical gear. If you have a review of a product, press release or article that you would like to submit to our review section, please Contact Us.


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Aug 21, 2012:  New Glock Gen4 Guide Rode Lasers + $60 Lasermax Rebate

Aug 13, 2012:  What is the Advantage of purchasing a .22Lr Conversion Kit?

July 31, 2012:  The Benefits Laser Sight Training Can Have On Shooters

July 16, 2012:  New Lightguard Tactical Pistol Light for 1911, Glock, Springfield XD XDM, and S&W M&P Pistols...

July 09, 2012:  New Green Laser Sight for Rifles and Compact Tactical Pistol Light


Aug 20, 2010:  New Laser Sights now available for the Ruger LCP,  Kel-Tec P32 & P3AT, and several Kahr Arms Compact Pistols

June 23, 2010:  New Compact Viridian Green Laser Sight is Now Available for Compact & Sub Compact Railed Pistols

 May 11, 2010:  NRA: Laser sights are an effective training tool for beginning to advanced studentsby NRA & CTC

  April 14, 2010:   New Laserguard by Crimson Trace Corp. will soon be released for the Taurus TCP  by

  March 10, 2010:   New Arma Laser Stingray for S&W Sigma, SW9VE, & SW40VE pistols will be available 4/15/10

  February 25, 2010:   The GTL Laser Sight & Light Combo fits all Glock Guns & Pistols w/Rails  by

  February 16, 2010:   Inside the Gun Locker: Smith & Wesson 640  by

  February 15, 2010:   New Armalaser rail mounted laser sight is added for the Kel Tec P11 & P40 pistols.   by

  February 10, 2010:   Gaining the tactical advantage in home defense situations.   by

  February 2, 2010:   New products making Sigma, SW9VE, and SW40VE gun owners happy.   by

  January 15, 2010:   Glock Hand Gun Owners Take Note of the New LG-417 Lasergrips   by

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