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World's Slimmest TAC-LIGHT  (not a laser sight)
STINGRAY SRX LED TAC-LIGHT. This is the smallest, lightest, slimmest weapon-mounted 
tactical light on the planet.

Designed for close-quarters, the STINGRAY SRX LED TAC-LIGHT uses a very narrow 15 
degree beam with a specific blue/white color spectrum to create a blinding blast of light. The 
result is a very cold-looking light source that also looks much larger than it really is.

The primary purpose of the STINGRAY SRX LED TAC-LIGHT is to deliver a shocking dose of
light more so than long-range illumination. If you want to light up targets far away there are
pleny of other weapon-mounted tac lights on the market, but none will be as lightweight or slim
as the STINGRAY SRX LED TAC-LIGHT. Features 4 391 batteries that will last a total of 2 hours
of "On" time.

As an illumination source the STINGRAY SRX LED TAC-LIGHT's output is 25 Lumens, which is
equivalent to a medium-sized conventional flashlight and would have been unheard of just a 
few years ago from such a tiny device. It's just the right amount to light up a dark situation 
and recognize objects up to 40 feet away. But the real benefit is in disorientation due to it's 
unique combination of beam focus, power, and the most shocking color spectrum.

Has the same quick-action slide On/Off switch as our STINGRAY SR1 laser.

If you're looking for a tactical light that is so small you don't even know it's there, that can 
disorient a threat, has extremely long battery life, can throw enough light to positively identify 
objects in the dark within the range most gunfights take place, and won't break the bank, then 
a STINGRAY SRX LED TAC-LIGHT needs to be on your pistol. Fits medium and full sized pistols 
with Weaver & Picatinny rails

Made from the same DuPont Zytel Fiber Reinforced Nylon that most manufacturers use in polymer
pistol frames - extremely tough and durable.

Changing batteries is simple and easy with the convenient battery door.

STINGRAY SRX LED TAC-LIGHT will fit any Weaver & Picatinny rail found on today's Full & 
Medium-sized pistols.

Please note that 2 more versions for the H&K USP and S&W Sigma series will be 
available shortly.

Featuring a 5 year warranty, Uses commonly found 391 batteries.


STINGRAY Microfiber Cleaning Cloth
STINGRAY Dealer Counter Sticker
Two (2) Applicator Lens Cleaning Brushes
Four (4) Silver Oxide 391 Batteries
Warranty Card
Owners Manual
Package of Extra Hardware - Screws & Washers

 Rail Mounted Tactical Light for Pistols  Barrel Mounted Tactical Light for Fire Arms Pistols Guns

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