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The Stingray SR2 is the world's smallest laser sight. The SR2 slim laser sight fits almost every compact and sub-compact pistol on the planet. With ambidextrous activation, this red laser sight is guaranteed with an industry leading 5 year warranty.
$129 (NORMALLY $139)

World's Slimmest Laser System 

STINGRAY SR2-635 for Sub-Compact pistols is the truly smallest, slimmest,

lightest, rail-mounted laser sighting system available.  Red Laser: 635nm (5X

brighter than standard 650nm lasers) the SR2-635 is a leap forward in firearms laser

technology. It is the World's Slimmest Laser System and the only one for Sub-

Compacts available in the cutting-edge 635nm wavelength . Only 8mm at its thickest

point (average thickness is 6.5mm), the mounted SR2-635 is only 2/3rd as tall as a

Quarter and weighs only .3 of an ounce!  Backed by ArmaLaser's legendary Customer

Care, 5-Year transferable warranty and the ArmaLaser-exclusive Exchange Program.

LASER FITS   [You need approx. 0.70" clearance from the rail notch to the guard]
Beretta: Beretta PX4 Storm (Full Size, Compact, & Subcompact), 90-TWO, M9A1, CX4
Colt: Railgun 01070RG,  XSE
CZ: P01, P06, P07, 40P, 75 Compact, SP01 (std./tactical/shadow/phantom)
FNH: 5.7,  FNP9,   FNP40,   FNP45
  Standard Frame17, 20, 21, 22, 31, 34, 35
  Compact Frame19, 23, 25, 32, 38
  Sub-Compact: 29, 30
H&K: P2000, P2000SK, P30, P30L, 4545C compact, (USP Full-Size & USP Compact Versions - Coming Soon)
Kel-Tec: PF9
Kimber: TLE/RL, PRO TLE/RL, SIS/RL, Warrior, Desert Warrior, Gold Combat/RL 
Ruger: SR9, SR9c, P95, P345, 22 Charger w/ Top Rail
Sig Sauer:  All Sigs w/rails including: P220, P226, P229, P250, Mosquito, 1911
Smith & Wesson: M&P, M&P Compact, SW 1911 (including PD), M&P R8, Sigma, SD40
Springfield: Compact & Sub-compact Versions of the XD & XDM,  1911 Operator
Steyr: M-1A
Taurus: PT 24/7 & Millenium Pro's C, PT 38S, PT 917, PT 92AFS, PT100AFS, PT-145, PT 945, PT 2045, Judge w/ Tactical Rail, 1911SS, 1911B, 1911ALR, Taurus 809 / 840 / 845, 145BP / 145SSP, & 609
Walther:  PK380, PPS, SP22, P99c (Post 2004 Models w/Cross Notch on Rail)


For mid & full-size pistols, check out the original SR1 Stingray.

Fully adjustable for windage and elevation,  AND STAYS ADJUSTED.  The

STINGRAY SR2-635 has the most ROCK-SOLID mounting system of any Sub-

Compact laser system. 


Featuring a full 5mW laser output (highest allowable by law)

and an incredible 2  hours of total run time from its compact and tiny 399 batteries

(commonly found), STINGRAY SR2-635 is plenty bright as well as battery-efficient.

Utilizing a crisp, short-throw, tactile switch allowing for use with gloved hands,

STINGRAY's  control switch is exactly where your trigger finger will be when drawing

your pistol using modern tactical techniques.  The SR2-635 control switch is designed to

never snag while drawing, even if tucked in a waistband.  In addition, since it forces the

switch all the way over to the other side when actuated, the action makes it virtually

impossible to accidentally turn on in a holster when you least expect it!

Made from the same DuPont Zytel Fiber Reinforced Nylon that most manufacturers

use in polymer pistol frames - extremely tough and durable.

Changing batteries is simple and easy with the convenient battery door.

STINGRAY SR2-635 will fit any Weaver & Picatinny rail found on today's Sub-Compact



Springfield XDsc, S&W M&Pc, Walther PPS & P99c, Kel-Tec PF9, Beretta PX4 Storm

Sub-Compact, H&K P2000SK & HK45C, Taurus PT-145 and 24/7 Pro C, Glock 30,

and others.

Ambidextrous Switch


STINGRAY Microfiber Cleaning Cloth
STINGRAY Dealer Counter Sticker
Two (2) Applicator Lens Cleaning Brushes
Two (2) Silver Oxide 399 Batteries
Two (2) .035'' Laser Adjustment Hex Keys
Warranty Card
Owners Manual
Package of Extra Hardware - Screws & Washers

A Click Here to view the Owners Manual.

Please drop us a line if you have any questions.

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