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TR5 LASER SIGHT for Glock 42/43. The finest and most advanced laser system available at any price, for this exciting and capable pistol.
Also available in GREEN for $178.75 - 2 FREE Extra batteries!  ($10 value).

Design Philosophy:

You're probably aware of our magazine and online advertising which say ,''Do you honestly think you're going to be looking for a button?'' and ''Will it be there for me, or do I have to be there for it".

Those aren't product slogans, they're reality. Our core belief is that a deep conceal carry weapon must have a laser that actuates without a secondary step.

It really should be there for you, rather than you having to be there for it.

Why? Because in a stressful and unfamiliar situation, reaching for a button or switch as a secondary step isn't the best way to turn a laser on. There is a better way, we just created it with the TR5.

IMMEDIATE Without having to think about it, the TR5 will throw out the most powerful laser beam the law will allow as soon as you grasp your pistol, accurately and immediately. Using human touch, True Touch Technology, you'll have a normal, natural feel without an awkward push button on the grip.

Since it takes touch to turn on, the TR5 doesn't have a mechanical switch to accidentally be depressed through holster, clothing or pocket material.

Finally, a convenient battery door, ability to choose either a pulsing or steady beam, extremely bright 635nm laser, up to 5 hours run time - 2 years active time on a single battery, and master kill switch to allow practice without the laser all add up to make the TR5 not only the best but also the best value laser system available today.


Featuring a 5-year warranty, the TR5 turns on by human touch, not by a mechanical switch or button. As soon as you grasp your pistol, the True-Touch Activation sensor will turn the laser on and keep it on as long as you're grasping the pistol grip. Move your middle finger forward and the laser will shut off.

It is seamless, immediate and requires no button to be pushed or secondary operation.

The TR5 features a convenient battery door to replace its single CR1/3N battery (also can use 2 357 watch cells) so you won't lose any of the laser's ''zero'' when replacing batteries like with other lasers.

A master kill switch is recessed into the DuPont Zytel fiber-reinforced nylon housing (same material used in the Taurus grip/frame) to allow practice without the laser if needed.

Incredible 5 hours of run time and up to 2 years of standby time even if the TR5 is placed in ''ready to activate'' mode.

The laser module is a full 5mW, 635nm red laser which is the highest available by law and up to 5 times brighter than the 650nm competition. There is a very big difference in laser brightness between a 650nm laser and the 635nm one used in the TR5, especially during daylight.

Incredibly strong and sturdy, the TR5 fits the Glock 42 & 43 models with incredible abuse-absorbing rigidity.

Requires no tools, pin removal, or gunsmithing. Installs easily in minutes and is simple to adjust to point of aim. Best of all, it stays adjusted no matter how many rounds you fire.

The TR5 can also switch between a steady laser beam mode and pulsing beam mode.

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