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Viridian's C5L is the world's smallest green laser sight and tactical light combo. The C5L has 8 different modes including strobe and continuous light modes. The green dot laser can be seen up to 200 yards in daylight, and 2 miles at night.
Green compact rechargeable laser sight by Lasermax: Genesis for $239
Green laser sight for mid-full size pistols: NcStar's AQPTLG for $79.

LASER FITS   [You need approx. 1" clearance from the rail notch to the guard]
Beretta: Beretta PX4 Storm (Full Size, Compact, & Subcompact), 90-TWO, M9A1, CX4
Colt: Railgun 01070RG,  XSE
CZ: P01, P06, P07, 40P, 75 Compact, SP01 (std./tactical/shadow/phantom)
FNH: 5.7,  FNP9,   FNP40,   FNP45
  Standard Frame17, 20, 21, 22, 31, 34, 35
  Compact Frame19, 23, 25, 32, 38
  Sub-Compact: 29, 30
H&K: P2000, P2000SK, P30, P30L, 45, 45C compact, USP (Adapter Required - Slim or Standard)
        USP Compact (Adapter Required - Slim Compact or Standard Compact)
Kimber: TLE/RL, PRO TLE/RL, SIS/RL, Warrior, Desert Warrior, Gold Combat/RL
Ruger: SR9, SR9c, P95, P345, 22 Charger w/ Top Rail
Sig Sauer:  P220, P226, P229, P250, Mosquito, 1911
Smith & Wesson: M&P, M&P Compact, SW 1911 (including PD), M&P R8, Sigma, SD40
Springfield: XD,  XDM,  XDM Sub-compact, 1911 Operator
Steyr: M-1A
Taurus: PT 24/7 & Millenium Pro's, PT 38S, PT 917, PT 92AFS, PT100AFS, PT 945, PT 2045, Judge w/ Tactical Rail, 1911SS, 1911B, 1911ALR, Taurus 809 / 840 / 845, 145BP / 145SSP, & 609
Walther:  P22, PK380, PPS, SP22, P99 (also P99 Pre-2004 Closed Rail w/Adapter* Coming Soon by Viridian)

And amazingly... The Viridian C5L also incorporates a 100 lumen tactical light. In fact the Viridian C5L is so tiny, it tucks neatly between trigger guard and muzzle, with no overhang, and will work with virtually any railed gun. 

Carry optimum visibility, maximum deterrence and total effectiveness into any situation. 

Experience the power of Green - Compare for yourself risk-free with our 30 Day Money Back Guarantee and One Year Warranty.


BEAM INTENSITY/WAVELENGTH5mW peak, 532nm, Class IIIa, Continuous Wave

LASER BEAM DIVERGENCE/SPOT SIZE/RANGE1.2 mrad, approx. 0.5" diameter at 50 feet, Up to 200 yards daylight, 2 miles at night

DIMENSIONS/WEIGHT/CONSTRUCTION1.900"L x 1.460"H x 1.310"W, 2.414 oz. (including battery), Primarily 6061 Aircraft Grade Aluminum, front and rear covers in high strength Zytel polymer

USER ADJUSTABLEFull windage and elevation on laser

POWER SOURCE/BATTERY LIFEOne CR2 3V lithium (included); 1 hour with light & laser, 4+ hours laser only

TACTICAL LIGHT OUTPUT/DIVERGENCE100 lumen continuous, 140 lumen in strobe mode / larger hotspot, optimized for CQB

ACTIVATION AND MODESAmbidextrous with SMARTLASER Technology, multiple mode settings both light & laser

INCLUDED WITH YOUR VIRIDIAN GREEN LASER:CR2 Battery, 3 Unique Rail Sets, 1 Rail Set Pin Removal Tool, 2 Adjustment Wrenches, 2 Mounting Screws, Operator's Manual, Demo DVD

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