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VIRIDIAN REACTOR RED LASER FOR GLK 26/27 & 19/23/32/33/36/38/39 with FREE Holster

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Reactor 5 Red laser sight for Glock GEN 3, GEN 4 26/27/19/23/32/33/36/38/39 featuring ECR Includes Hybrid Belt Holster
It's the ultimate targeting system for your Glock! You get the super bright Viridian Elite Red™ laser sighting system, Instant-On™ Enhanced Combat Readiness™ activation, and an ECR™ enabled hybrid holster. No fumbling with buttons in critical situations. When you draw, it's on.™
*FREE Hybrid Belt Holster Included!

Laser Sights are an Effective Deterrent

For those that like having a handgun for protection a green laser is an amazing deterrent and can prevent the need for deadly fire in a self-defense situation. For example, in the confines of a dimly lit house a green laser like the Viridian can project a menacing green beam of light that will have any intruder running for cover. In law enforcement, lasers have been proven to be effective in deterring crime and saving lives. Evidence from both law enforcement and the military clearly shows that a subject is more likely to surrender when faced with a laser equipped firearm. Diffuse the situation before it comes to using lethal force. This is more important than ever in today's litigious society. Believe it or not even defending yourself in your own home can open you up to a host of liability concerns. Having a visible green laser such as the Viridian could reduce this risk.

A Laser Sight is a Great Teaching Tool

Some more experienced shooters may look at a laser accessory as more of a toy and just for fun. Well it is a ton of fun.... but it can be so much more than that. It can be humbling to see how a gun in your hand which appears motionless can actually be bouncing around on the target when a connected green laser beam is projected out 30 yards. But use that knowledge. Learn how to try different positions or stances to minimize those movements. Also, a visible laser sight, such as the Viridian, sure makes aligning your standard top sights a breeze. Once your green laser is zeroed in you can quickly and effortlessly place your iron sights right where you want without even firing a shot.

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