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The TR11 laser sight fits Taurus Millenium Pro pistols that do NOT have rails including the PT111, PT140, and PT745. Pistols must be the PRO models, and not the Original Millennium models.  For Taurus pistols with rails, there are a lot of compact laser sights that will fit.  For the new G2 model, get the TR23.

ALSO AVAILABLE IN GREEN - VIEW THE TR11G - 2 FREE Extra batteries!  ($10 value).

IMMEDIATE Without having to think about it, the TR11 will throw out the most powerful laser beam the law will allow as soon as you grasp your pistol, accurately and immediately. Using human touch, True Touch Technology, you'll have a normal, natural feel without an awkward push button on the grip.

Since it takes touch to turn on, the TR11 doesn't have a mechanical switch to accidentally be depressed through holster, clothing or pocket material.

Finally, a convenient battery door, ability to choose either a pulsing or steady beam, extremely bright 635nm laser, up to 5 hours run time - 2 years active time on a single battery, and master kill switch to allow practice without the laser all add up to make the TR11 not only the best but also the best value laser system available today.

The TR Series has a solid and extremely strong fit. It can withstand abuse and all the twisting, bending, and jarring that a pocket pistol laser should handle. Also, there are no moving parts or mechanical switches to fail in the TR Series in the instant on system. It’s made from the same material that the polymer pistols are made from, DuPont's Zytel FRN (fiber-reinforced nylon). This is an expensive but outstanding material and will match up with the color and finish of your pistol.

To activate the TR11, just grasp the pistol in the way you normally do. That's it. Your middle finger will always touch the gold-plated touch sensor on the TR Series where the trigger guard ends. The laser will shut off once you're hand isn't on the grip or if you want to practice on/off drill, just move your middle finger forward to shut off and back again to turn on.

You can practice without the laser turning on by sliding the master kill switch recessed into the bottom of the TR Series backward (towards you). To put the TR Series back into the active mode slide switch forward (towards muzzle).

Change the battery by using the screwdriver provided in your tool kit (any small Phillips-head screwdriver will also work) unscrew the battery door screw. Remove the battery door and take out battery. You may have to tap the pistol/TR Series against the palm of your hand to dislodge the battery. It comes with a lithium CR1/3N battery is provided in the box. You can buy these on our website, many online retailers, Radio Shack and many camera & electronics retailers. You can also use 2 357 watch batteries instead of 1 CR1/3N. 357s can be purchased at Home Depot, Radio Shack, Sears, most drug stores and on our website. We prefer the CR1/3N because their cold-weather performance is excellent.

Batteries will last approx. five hours of actual use. Equally impressive is the up to 2 years of standby battery life. It takes a very little amount of energy to keep the TR Series in the active (waiting for a touch to turn on) state. If you were to keep your TR Series in the active, ready state you should yield up to 24 months of battery life with moderate use of the laser.

You have full control over windage (left to right) and elevation (up and down) adjustments. Use one of the hex keys in the tool kit (we provide a spare as well) and rotate: WINDAGE - rotate hex key clockwise to move red dot to the right, counter-clockwise to turn left. Elevation - rotate hex key clockwise to move red dot down, counter-clockwise to move up. No need to over-tighten, you'll never need to rotate the hex key more than 1 turn in either direction to be on target.

It’s very doubtful that the laser will turn on in your pocket or holster, even though it’s touch activated. Unlike lasers with mechanical switches which can be accidentally tripped by an object pushing against clothing or holster material, the TR Series needs human touch to turn on. The chances of the laser turning on accidentally is not very plausible.

The TR11 has a 635nm laser beam. A 635nm laser is much brighter than a 650nm laser. This is especially true during daylight or a well-lit indoors environment. 650nm laser can hardly be seen in bright conditions while 635nm will appear up to 5 times as bright. The range of your TR Series laser will far exceed the range of your pistol.

The TR11 had pulsing and steady mode. A pulsing dot is quicker to pick-up by the eye. To switch the laser to the pulsing mode turn the set screw shown in the installation guide one full turn clockwise with the hex key. To turn back to steady mode turn the hex key counter-clockwise by one full turn. As mentioned, to keep it in steady mode don't turn anything as this is the mode your TR Series left the factory with.

The TR Series comes with the same 5 year warranty as all ArmaLaser laser systems. All possible defects in material and workmanship is covered.

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