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NEW options for S&W Sigma 9MM and .40 S&W gun owners makes it possible to attach a laser on Sigma, SW9VE and SW40VE models.

UPDATED: 03/11/2010

Laser Sight Pro is excited to announce the launch date for a new highly anticipated laser sight, the Stingray SR3.

The STINGRAY SR3 fits any Smith & Wesson Sigma rail found on pistols made from 1999 to present, including the popular SW9VE and SW40VE handguns.


Crimson Trace is also making a laser guard for the S&W Sigma series (the LG-406) for the same gun models that will be available on April 15th. 


Date Released: 01/30/2010
Press Release Image LaserSightPro.com has become the premiere destination for matching pistol laser sights to guns. Laser Sight Pro has fit charts to make it easy to find a laser that will fit gun owner's guns.

Until recently, there was not a good laser sight option for compact S&W gun owners. The Sigma SW9VE & SW40VE are compact guns that didn't have any laser sights that fit them because of their small profile.

LaserLyte recently developed a Rail-Mount Adapter so that a laser sight will fit on these guns. This adapter is very inexpensive at just $9.95 on www.lasersightpro.com.

If you're looking for a laser sight for a S&W Sigma SW9VE or SW40VE, there are 3 different options:


LaserLyte V2 - Has detachable rail to mount other accessories like lights

LaserLyte V2 w/Light - Comes with detachable light

LaserLyte QD - Has ambidextrous slide switch and a quick detachable design

Crimson Trace is also making a laser guard (the LG-406) for the same gun models that will be available March of 2010.

Regardless of what you gun you own, if you're looking for a laser sight then visit www.lasersightpro.com, and they will help you find a laser for your pistol or gun.

At Laser Sight Pro, all orders over $50 ship FREE, and get out the door the same or next business day.


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