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ArmaLaser GTO Red Laser Sight with Flex Touch Activation for FN Pistols

ArmaLaser GTO Red Laser Sight with Flex Touch Activation for FN Pistols


• 5 Year Arma Laser Warranty

• 2 FREE Extra Batteries

• $5 Off Holsters (Reg: $20)

  • Features & More Info

    • Fits FN FNP with notches, FNS, FNX Compact, FNX, & Five-Seven.    Select your gun model to receive the correct Flex Strip (FLX##).
    • Also fits other Ruger handguns and pistols with rails that have at least 0.70" distance between the cross notch in the rail and the front of the trigger guard. 
    • Ambidextrous Touch Switch with Optional Grip Touch Flex Strip Activation
    • 5 Year Manufacturer Warranty!
    • Adjustable windage & elevation (up/down & left/right)
    • Rock solid mount
    • Battery door for easy battery replacement
    • Deep orange/red 635nm laser beam (up to 5x brighter than 650nm red
    • Easy installation
    • Arma Laser buy back program
    • Excellent customer care
    • American innovation
    • Power: 630-635 m, <5mW CW (RED)

    • Battery: Uses single CR1/3N

    • Beam Diameter: <5 mm

    • Beam Divergence: <1.5mRad

    • Battery Life: 3 hrs continuous on-time

    • Visibility:  3/4 - 1 mile at night, 150 - 200 ft day time in doors, up to 40-50 ft day time outdoors


    More Info:

    The GTO is a marvel of modern micro-electronics. The ArmaLaser GTO is a human touch activated laser system. The GTO is short enough to fit on any pistol with a Picatinny Rail, Sub-compacts, compacts and full-sized pistols. Just wlide the GTO onto your rail, screw down the locking screw and you are ready to go. It can be totally shut down with the main power button.


    Lasers like Lasermax's Uni-Max and most others won't fit on these sub-compacts because they are too long.


    Featuring True Touch Activation, which on the GTO works like a toggle-switch, just all electronically. Extend your finger and touch the silver plated wing tip on either side (ambidextrious) to turn the laser on. Touch it again to turn off. Very simple, streamlined and easy. Its virtually impossible not to touch the strip when you extend your finger and tap the side of the pistol. There is no fumbling around for an awkward switch. Your GTO is ready when you are. The GTO's sophisticated electronics recognize that a human finger has touched it and that is what turns the laser on. 


    It Features a very bright next-generation 635nm 4.5mW laser module which is fully adjustable for both windage and elevation and STAYS adjusted no matter how many rounds you fire.


    The GTO packs all of our laser module technology, touch-activation, and battery all in a base that is barely over one inch in length. We ship GTO's with and recommend using Duracell's excellent CR1/3N. There are other brands that have worked adequately but Duracell seems to be the best battery to withstand recoil.  



    Total Length: 1 3/8"

    Length of Rail Grabber:  15/16"

    Width:  1"

    Total Height: 7/8"

    Hangs below barrel: 3/4"


    The GTO hugs the bottom of the barrel shroud as closely as possible adding only 0.5 of an inch. This low profile means the GTO will work on some popular holsters readily available for your pistol.


    The GTO is made from the same DuPont Zytel ST-8018 Engineered Polymer that pistol manufacturers use in their polymer frames, so its as tough as the pistols they are designed for. Drop it or abuse it, the GTO will stay on rock-solid and keep beaming.

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