Laserlyte Red Laser Sight for All 1911 Pistols Full-Size, Commander / Government


• 1 Year Laserlyte Warranty

• $5 Off Holsters (Reg: $20)

• LL-1911

  • Features & More Info

    • FITS: All 1911 pistols full size, commander and government
    • LASER GUN SIGHT: When mounted adjust the laser to bullet impact. Use the laser to quickly aim at your target. Use the laser to rapidly aim after the gun recoils. Use the laser to teach new or challenged shooters
    • LASER TRAINER: The sound activated laser fires a red dot for 1/10 of a second simulating bullet impact. Use the trainer for trigger control practice. Use the trainer for instructing new or beginner shooters
    • GRIP ACTIVATION: hold the firearm with a shooting grip and the laser will turn on. The strategically placed grip button will turn the laser on with either left or right hand. The two panel design does not change the grip and leaves the front strap open.
    • This gun sight is the brightest and most powerful laser we are legally allowed to produce. The bright laser dot can be seen over 100 yards away at night. Power Output: 630 - 670nm, < 5mW, Class: IIIa
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