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Laserlyte Red Laser Sight for Taurus Curve 180 380 ACP Pistols

Laserlyte Red Laser Sight for Taurus Curve 180 380 ACP Pistols


• 1 Year Laserlyte Warranty


  • Features & More Info

    LaserLyte laser and flash light for Taurus Curve 180. LASER DOT for fast aim. WHITE LIGHT to illuminate any room LASER/LIGHT COMBO for maximum effectiveness in aiming and identifying targets


    • FITS: Taurus Curve 180 380 ACP comes with all the parts to install the laser from the non-laser gun from the factory including the outside retaining frame / button / screws and wrenches. If you have a Curve this package is what you need to get setup with
    • LASER GUN SIGHT: When mounted adjust the laser to bullet impact. Use the laser to quickly aim at your target. Use the laser to rapidly aim after the gun recoils. Use the laser to teach new or challenged shooters.
    • Flash Light : the powerful cluster of three LEDs will light up any small room so one can identify any target and assess the situation INDEX FINGER activation as the finger is safely off the trigger it will rest on the side of the gun next to the on / off
    • LASER MODES: the flashlight and laser can be used in three different modes. Laser only, Laser and Flashlight or just Flashlight. This feature is user programmable. The laser / flashlight will turn off completely after 6 minutes to save batteries
    • This gun sight is the brightest and most powerful laser we are legally allowed to produce. The bright laser dot can be seen over 100 yards away at night. Power Output: 630 - 670nm, < 5mW, Class: IIIa
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